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Shopping Cart

Quick shopping cart is a feature that is designed by us, for you, that you may take advantage of the skyrocketing online sales trends in the country. The Shopping Cart lets you create your own web store either as an individual stand alone or as incorporated into your already existing website. 

This is an essential tool for your website, as it lets you sell products world-wide as well as accepting the different methods of payments which include PayPal, the Master Card, the Visa Card and other types of credit cards. What is more is that the Cart lets you issue coupons to your customers for the various products and services that your online store is offering. After-sale services for your customers are also possible as this tool allows you to offer shipping options. You can get all these at a fantastic price that does not include percentage of sales fee, and with three flexible purchasing options to choose from. The packages include the Economy, the Deluxe and the Premium Editions. 

Features of the Shopping Cart include a website hosting and web site builder tool that is PCI compliant and that allows you to easily incorporate the Cart into your existing site. It also has a Sales and Conversion Reports configuration that take care of the organization and tally of your web sales. For after sales services, shipping tools and UPS online tools are available to make this option possible. The Media Gallery offers a fantastic photographic exposure for the products and services being sold from your web store. This feature allows you to upload and update your merchandise with regard to their availability as well as to demonstrate their functions. The Express Email Marketing for sending offers to your customers ensures that your market sales go up, up, up.


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