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Sell your products online and expand your business! A complete cost-effective E-commerce solution is here to offer you features so your customers can have friendly shopping experience.

Online Store

Online Store

If you are looking to sell online and want to grow your business further, then you are at right place. Selling online is easy with IT Company Canada. We helped many businesses to sell their products online and you can build your own online store too. Take orders, sell products and set delivery automation with integrated payment solution.

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Online Payment And Security

  • Provide multiple payment gateways other than credit cards and PayPal securely
  • Protect customer information by applying high grade encryption on checkout and assigning a unique confirmation number to buyers
  • Fraudulent credit card filter so invalid credit card numbers will be filtered
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Customize Your Store

  • Customize your store with member account system allows them to order more frequently
  • Describe your products through text, catchy and clear images and multimedia files
  • Built-in marketing tools with provision of constant feedback and status updates

Search Engine Optimized

  • Quickly gets the customer to the product in which he/she is interested
  • Get higher search rankings, meaning more free traffic to your store
  • Be on top and promote your brand through search engine optimization
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Customer-Friendly Shopping

  • Offer customers an unbeatable shopping experience with great, interactive features like product reviews, comparison and much more
  • Easily access profiles with your username and password for a one-click checkout
  • Integrate your online store with social websites wherever your customers are and sell your products from anywhere

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Convenient, cheap & variety of products at your doorstep!

Start selling your products anywhere, anytime

For creating an online store, you don’t need to have any technical experience. You just need to choose a stylish eCommerce website design and then you can easily customize it and add products in your online store. You’re pretty much ready to accept payments too. IT Company Canada has a complete solution for you. You will be up and running within minutes without costing a dime.

How much computer knowledge is required?

No special computer expertise is required beyond hands-on experience using your own database program and being able to access the Internet.

Can I upload my items from my current database program?

Absolutely, integration with your current database program is a feature that distinguishes us from other online store services. You can upload, update your inventory by FTP or browser upload.

Will my book store have its own domain name?

Yes. If you already have a domain name, then we can use your current domain name.

Do I need to be a merchant in order to use this service?

No, we are offering our service worldwide.

Are there any restrictions on what I can sell?

You cannot use this service to engage in the selling and/or distribution of specific types of goods/services, such as:

* Illegal substances and activities

* Gambling and pyramid schemes

* Products and services that infringe on copyrighted property of others

How does the store work?

The following steps outline how your store will operate.

* Promote your online store address to your existing and prospective customers.

* Customers visit your online store and select items for purchase.

* Once customers have added all the items they want to purchase to their shopping cart they proceed to the checkout.

* Customers provide billing, shipping and payment information and click the “Check Out” button.

* Email is sent to the seller notifying the seller of the sale.

* Seller logs into account administration to retrieve the full order details.

* Seller confirms online payment.

* Seller ships item(s)

Can I make changes to my store?

You can manage your store from the store administration area. You can make changes by simply pointing and clicking. You have total control over the administration of your store.

What types of payments can I accept through my store?

Online credit card payments may be accepted through PayPal. You have total control over the merchant direct payment options you choose to offer.

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